Bradley Palermo

Adobe & Teardrops

"Palermo's got a gift for fluid songwriting, which is what drew me to him in the first place..."

The Modern Folk

bradley palermo is an LA based singer/songwriter who has followed the classic creative arc from punk/emo/hardcore music to alt-country and americana. his latest song 'deep valley blues', has full on outlaw vibes, with an easy going honky-tonk rhythm section (all bradley), hard luck lyrics and a high-lonesome pedal steel guitar.

the vocals are gritty but i think i can still hear a bit of screamo/hardcore singer in bradley's voice, which works fine. this would be a good song to drink well tequila shots to as the sun goes down in a dive bar deep inside the inland empire.

Musical Notes Global

"Palermo finds his definitive style in the sounds of indie folk and Americana and delivers his stories through rich melodies and potent lyrics. "Deep Valley Blues" is a perfect blend of grit and nostalgia. An anthem with an addicting twang, perfect melody, and edgy yet warm vocals..."

Mustard Relics

"Very cool Post-Old School Country, uber catchy...just an all around good tune, if you’re a believer that this is the direction popular Country should be going in (as opposed to whatever it is you call that sensation of being vomited on while suffering through what they call Country today). Good stuff Maynard. "

For Us Not Them

"You’ll really enjoy Bradley’s can pay what you like; I’d say that’s a superb deal!"