"Rum To Whiskey" Out Today!

Happy new year!

We have a new song to celebrate 2021. Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queen's (feat Maxwell Daniels) covered "Rum to Whiskey" by The Murder City Devils. It's a drinking song AND a murder song, so we're obviously…

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The Shadow Queens

Now is a good time to tell you I've been working with members of Chicago, IL's Typesetter on some dark folk songs under the moniker Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens. My annual "Christmas song" will be our first single…

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Satanic/Murder/Rowdy Folk AF! (Playlists)

I had a damn good time making these playlists on Spotify, and I'd love to share them with you. 

Enjoy AND if if you want to give it a 'follow', it's a free and easy way to help us to…

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Naturewave: I Made An Ambient LP

Here's something different for me: I made an ambient record under my Smooth Moon moniker. This may or may not be of any interest to you if you're here for my folk music, but feel free to give it a…

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$5 Sale on T-Shirts & Vinyl!

While, like so many others, I'm at home and jobless during this pandemic, how about a big ol $5 sale on all of my t-shirts, and even vinyl?  Stay safe out there, and check the Bandcamp page for more…

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Thanks For A Wonderful 2019!

This year was pretty wild. I played more shows than ever before. I got to do some insane festivals like Punk Rock Bowling (Vegas) and Fest 18 (Gainesville, FL). We also released my first solo album this year, (Volume 1)…

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