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Satanic/Murder/Rowdy Folk AF! (Playlists) 

I had a damn good time making these playlists on Spotify, and I'd love to share them with you. 

Enjoy AND if if you want to give it a 'follow', it's a free and easy way to help us to continue spreading the music around during the shutdown of live music. 

Here's what we've got: 






Murder Folk: I love a good murder ballad, and that’s all that’s on this morbid little playlist. I’ve been keeping up with with one for the last decade or so. feat. songs by Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, The Violent Femmes, Johnny Cash and more. 






Satanic Folk: Quickly becoming a favorite amongst sinners; this is my fastest growing playlist. It’s a collection of beautifully written bluegrass, folk, and country songs involving themes of going to and / or raising Hell! 
feat. songs by Amigo The Devil, Bridge City Sinners, Hank 3, Tejon Street Corner Thieves, King Dude, Harley Poe, Colter Wall and more. 






Folk As F**k: This playlist originally started as a showcase of the artists I’ve met and shared the stage with on the road. Over time I’ve opened it up to included some of my favorite artists and influences as well. Sure, there's a lot of folk, but a bunch of Alt Country and other sorts of twang in there too. 
feat. songs by Bright Eyes, Lydia Loveless, David Dondero, Off With Their Heads, Neutral Milk Hotel, The White Buffalo, Jon Snodgrass, and more. 






Rowdy Folk: The sort of stuff you can get sloppy drunk and fall down to. Some seriously underrated gems on this little list. 
feat. songs by Truck Bed Boys, Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Drive-by Truckers, Scott H. Biram, Langhorn Slim, Uncle Tupelo and more.

Naturewave: I Made An Ambient LP 

Here's something different for me: I made an ambient record under my Smooth Moon moniker. This may or may not be of any interest to you if you're here for my folk music, but feel free to give it a spin. It's the kind of stuff you can relax to. I made it over the course of the great Covid lockdown of 2020. It's got a lot of nature field recordings from my daily walks layered under spacey synthesizers. Listen on the platform of your choosing.

Thanks For A Wonderful 2019! 

This year was pretty wild. I played more shows than ever before. I got to do some insane festivals like Punk Rock Bowling (Vegas) and Fest 18 (Gainesville, FL). We also released my first solo album this year, (Volume 1) on a few formats including pretty teal vinyl, and toured Europe for the first time. Thanks to everyone who's taken a chance on me these past 12 months. It was one for the ages.

Split EP Release Shows: Blind Mountain Holler vs Bradley Palermo 

My good palls in Blind Mountain Holler (San Diego, CA) and I decided to record some covers of each other's songs. We will soon put them out on a split EP (CD & Digital). It comes out officially in mid December, or you can pick up a copy at one of the release shows:

12/06 Los Angeles, CA @ The Love Song (FB Event) [w/ Derik Envy]

12/13 San Diego, CA @ Tower Bar (FB Event) [w/ Paul Luc, Sammy Key, Chad Price, Dead Ven]


Hittin' The Road This Week 

I'm finally going to bring  the "Vol. 1" record out to the Midwest and South this Fall, and tour dates start right about now! The first run of shows (St. Louis to Gainesville) is with my buddy Paige Beller. The rest of the shows listed are with my sibling Alex's band, Typesetter. This should be a great couple of weeks spending time with wonderful people in some of the sweetest cities. If you're out that way, I hope to see you.


November Dates With Typesetter 

I'm very excited to announce that directly following the tour with Paige Beller, I'll be continuing to to play some Southern dates with my friends and sibling's band, Typesetter. Hitting up some places where I've never played solo, and finishing it off with a show at Iron Fest in Newport, KY.