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...the perfect balance of folk music and country music without any of the cheese often associated with both genres. Bradley’s voice is perfect for this...”

London Celtic Punks

Bradley Palermo, Vol. 1 is the missing link between Clint Eastwood and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Well-written cow-punk with an emo streak wider than the desert between Flag and LA, Palermo’s migration to the latter makes up much of its laments.   ” - Sean Golightly

AZ Daily Sun

Bradley Palermo’s Volume 1 is nearly a perfect folk album. Featuring a variety of influences, emotions, and incredibly candid lyrics, the album is easy to listen to and connect with...” - Brianne Dunn

Burning Hot Events

In this interview spotlight, I chat with Bradley about his latest release, challenges, technology and more.” - Joshua Smotherman

Middle Tennessee Music

Bradley Palermo has released a new tune entitled “Tombstones” and after a listen, you too will understand why Bradley is quickly becoming one of our favorite singer/songwriters! Tour dates listed below.”

For Us Not Them

Palermo's got a gift for fluid songwriting, which is what drew me to him in the first place...”

Adobe & Teardrops

bradley palermo is an LA based singer/songwriter who has followed the classic creative arc from punk/emo/hardcore music to alt-country and americana. his latest song 'deep valley blues', has full on outlaw vibes, with an easy going honky-tonk rhythm section (all bradley), hard luck lyrics and a high-lonesome pedal steel guitar. the vocals are gritty but i think i can still hear a bit of screamo/hardcore singer in bradley's voice, which works fine. this would be a good song to drink well tequila shots to as the sun goes down in a dive bar deep inside the inland empire.”

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